• CBS News Minnesota

    Minnesota lawmakers re-consider bill to boost child safety features on digital platforms

    The “Minnesota Age-Appropriate Design Code Act” cleared a key committee this week at the capitol as lawmakers try to protect kids from social media and other websites that can harm their mental, physical and emotional health.

  • MPR News

    Proposed ‘Kids Code’ bill aims to prevent predatory data collection

    Bridgette Norring lost her son after he purchased what he thought were Percocet pills online. They turned out to be fentanyl. She testified at the state Capitol on Wednesday in support of a bill she said would have protected him.

  • WCCO CBS Minnesota

    Minnesota Kids Code

    Kids in Minnesota are one step closer to being safer online. The House Commerce, Finance, and Policy Committee passed the Minnesota Kids Code bill that legislation requires companies to formally assess if their platforms keep kids safe online.

  • KARE 11

    Minnesota Kids Code

    At the state capitol, lawmakers are expected to discuss a bill aimed at protecting your kids on the internet and their online data. The Age Appropriate Design Code bill also called the Minnesota Kids Code would bring a product safety approach to protecting kids online.

  • FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

    Kids Code bill designed to protect Minnesota children from harmful online content

    Minnesota legislators are focusing on the safety of children while online as part of a new bill that could create the Age-Appropriate Design Code.